Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thai Cafe - Milpitas

Originally we were coming here for lunch. But turned out that they're not open on Saturday afternoon for lunch. It only opens from 5-11 on Saturday. So we went to other place instead and came back for dinner.

Hubby ordered N8. Chiang Mai curry noodle soup aka kao soy (khao soy) which is yellow noodle with chicken on rich creamy curry. I ordered N11. Tom yum noodle soup which is hot spicy noodle soup with minced pork, fish ball and crushed peanuts. The waitress asked us how spicy we wanted the soup and hubby said hot and added Thai hot. She told him that Thai hot is the maximum level of spiciness. Being challenged I too said the same thing.

My tom yum looked spicy with red fiery broth. I tooked a sip and confirmed that. It was good but not as I expected. The broth had enough heat and tasty but it was a bit oily for my taste. I prefer a lighter broth so I could slurp it. It's too bad that they don't just let us customize it to our own taste like the one at the Thai Temple.

Hubby's kao soy looked very similar to the one we had at Thai Express SF and the taste was pretty good. I didn't quite remember what type of noodle they used at Thai Express but this one here was a medium size yellow noodle. The curry came with 2 big chunk of chicken and hubby had to take them out on a separate plate to shred the meat and put it back in the curry. That was a bit setback for him. I don't remember he did that at another place.

All in all it was good experience for us. We'll be back for more. One thing though this place is not a regular Thai restaurant. When they asked for the level of spiciness they actually meant it. So be very careful not to asked for the Thai hot level unless you're ready for it. We learnt our lesson that day. I came out of the restaurant having a chilli high.

Thai Cafe
692 Barber Lane
Milpitas, CA  (408) 955 9992