Monday, May 24, 2010

Cao Nguyen Restaurant - San Jose

Noodle is my fave food for weekend. So this weekend I'm checking out a new place. Found this restaurant on Yelp and surprisingly we actually missed it the first time we were in the area. Well, looking at the name later on we realize that this place is a restaurant and not just a pho/noodle house joint.

Anyhow, since we were there for noodle. I ordered #29 Mi Trieu Chao which is the egg yellow noodle with soup on the side. Hubby got #27 mi Cao Nguyen also in egg  yellow noodle with soup on the side. We love our yellow noodle dry. Rice noodle (hu tieu) on the other side (in my opinion) is best served with soup. We also ordered egg roll.

Our egg roll was freshly prepared. I hate going to those pho place that prepare the egg roll ahead of time so they're all luke warm or worst room temperature when served. They have to be piping hot just came out of the wok. Egg roll served on bed of greens mixture (lettuce and mints). Unfortunately  I should say that their egg roll could not beat the Pho Binh's egg roll. So for egg roll crave we still have to go to Pho Binh in Sunnyvale.

My mi trieu chao was pretty  with squid, char siu, fish cake and prawn with sprinkle of green onion and chives. The condiments was generous to accompany the tiny amount of noodle it came with. I guess I shouldn't complain but I felt that for $6.75 I should have gotten bigger serving especially considering the location on King Rd.

Hubby's mi Cao Nguyen had red sauce topping on it. The red sauce was some sort of minced meat sauce. Hubby complaint that too bad the prawn was just blanched instead of deep fried. He was still in deep love with the noodle we had last week at Truong Thanh Milpitas. The prawn cracker served with the noodle didn't budge him a little bit. He took a bite and declared against it. I took a bite and thought they totally needed to work on it. It's plain bland !

I don't think we will be going back unless we were in the area. For dry noodle we still think Truong Thanh was way better. And if we don't feel like going to Milpitas, most likely we will just go to China Chen downtown.

Cao Nguyen Restaurant
2549 S King Road, San Jose, CA 95128   (408) 270-9610