Thursday, July 22, 2010

Milpitas Buffet - Milpitas

Had a chance to check out Milpitas Buffet last weekend. It was supposedly another buffet place before (Happy Buffet). Not too sure whether it was a happy ending for the previous buffet. The place was in full swing when we walked in. There was a huge party that took up a few long tables.

Hubby's first plate was a platter a sushi. Their sushi selections were not much compared to Tatami. The sushi didn't look fresh and tasted dried. Most likely because they had been sitting there lonely for quite a while.

My first stop was the bbq station. One side was Mongolian bbq. Pick your choice of noodle, toppings and spices and the guy would cook it for you. The same guy also manned the grilling station. There were skewered marinated chicken and corn on the cob. I then stopped by the seafood counter and picked up clams, salt and pepper prawn, fried blue crab and fried chicken wings. Prawns were awesome. Clams were good. The winner was the chicken wing though. Crispy and hot - they were so freshly out of the wok.

There were three soups. We tried the miso soup and hot and sour soup. Both were good. Hot and sour soup could be more sour and hot in my opinion. The miso soup had tofu that was way bigger than regular miso soup. I guess the chef didn't feel like cutting tofu that day. The last one that we didn't try was fish ball soup.

For my second round I got to try the deep fried frog legs. Yeah...haven't had those for quite a while. They still tasted like I remembered it last. Just like chicken. Seriously. Even hubby who wasn't a regular frog connoissseur thought the same too. He tried one and left the rest to me.

I made room to stop by the bbq station the second time to try the Mongolian bbq. It came out a bit too oily for my taste. Next time I have the guy to cut the amount of oil.

Hubby finally gave up after he gobbled up a platter of chicken wings. He went and grabbed some fruits and jello. Really nice combination of color.
Milpitas Buffet
24 S. Abbott Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 945-8888