Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thai Dessert and Vegetarian Food - Thai Town Los Angeles

I don't know the name of this place. I took down a picture of the place. There was some Thai characters on it and also English but with no name. But if you like Thai dessert especially the deep fried style, you should totally check this place out. It's located next to Sapp Coffee Shop.

We discover this place on the way back to our car. I peeked inside the store and saw a pile of what looked like tiny baked coconut cake. I don't know the name, but by the look of it I know it must be made of coconut. ha..ha.. So I signaled hubby and we both went in. Everything looked yummy so I had to remind myself to just pick enough for that day since we would be mostly on the road. I asked the lady working there and she confirmed my diagnose of coconut cake. I got an order of those. We got ten for $3. I was about to pick another one that looked like mini empanadas but then I noticed a few other ladies tending some mighty big wok at the back. They looked like they were deep frying some snacks. I asked the lady who was helping me and she told me those were fried banana. OMG ...fried banana ??? I sure would love some of those. Even though it meant we would have to wait another ten minutes.

Ten pieces of banana for $5. I think it's a fair deal. I wouldn't have been able to do a better job myself with a big wok of hot oil. And since they all stick together, we got to enjoy some fried taro as well. They were good. So awesome that I forgot to take pictures of them.

Turned out that the coconut cake were really made of coconut - shredded coconut not just coconut milk. When we chew on them, they were a bit chewy. Not exactly like I had imagined but we still enjoyed them.

Location : next door to Sapp Coffee Shop