Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seoul Jung Revisited : Santa Clara

We've been here when it first started about a year ago. (Read Seoul Jung). Recently we felt like having Korean food but didn't feel like giving tips (cheap mode on). So off we went to this Korean food court just off Lawrence Expy and El Camino Real in Santa Clara. A year ago it wasn't that busy. But the words are out and we've been there a couple of times the past week and it had been challenging to find a table.

There were like around five stalls (not including the dessert store) selling mostly Korean food. Our favorite so far had been Seoul Jung. On the past occasions we got to try chung gook jang (fermented soy bean paste stew), seafood bibimbap, kimchee jjigae (kimchee stew) and jeyuk bok eum (spicy pork with kimchee).

All dishes were wonderful. They all came in a try with a dish on the side filled with banchan. Lovely. The fermented soy bean paste had quite a strong smell but tasted pretty good. The lady at the counter actually reminded me when I ordered it, but I went ahead anyway. ha..ha.. The seafood bibimbap was awesome. Mind you though, both spicy pork and kimchee stew were made with fatty part of pork, so it takes a day break out of your diet.