Saturday, July 2, 2011

Naturcolor - hair color

The first thing I notice about the naturcolor was a lot of tiny little bottles. From my point this is a lot of waste. I like stuffs in sachet better it gives me the feel that it's greener. But it probably just as bad. Maybe somebody could give me an answer to that.

But reading the instruction, one could actually mix their own color. So you could get two different color and comes out with your concoction. That's why the empty bottle was provided to you. Just make sure there's always the same amount of gel developer and color.

So I read my instruction ahead of time just to make sure I didn't miss anything that needs to be put in the mixture. One time I used another hair color that has some oil thingy that supposed to be mixed with the color and gel developer and I totally missed that. Oops.

The gel eveloper was so thick that it couldn't come out easily in the beginning. I had to squeeze the bottle hard to try to get it into the mixing bottle. But once the pressure was release, the rest was easy to follow. Shake the bottle and you're ready to color. Make sure to part your hair ahead of time. And if you're like me with tons of grey, make sure you plan your coloring ahead of time so the most grey area got covered and left longest for better result.

I planned to follow the instruction and left it for 45 minutes. But by the time I rinsed it out I think it reached one hour.

The after color rinse was so watery I wasn't sure if it got anything in it at all. And also it didn't seem to be very sudsy either. Not sure what it actually does. The conditioner was so thick it took a while to squeeze it out. The conditioner has a very subtle fragrant almost none. And it didn't feel as rich as the Tints of Nature.

One thing to note. I accidentally squeezed some color on my sink and it didn't want to come off. I never seems to have problem with other hair color. So I make sure to scrub my tub after rinsing my color off.

I am happy with the result. I got all my greys covered. Let's see how long this will last. One thing I notice with this hair color was there was no abrasive chemical smell during the whole process and also after rinsing it off. Love it.