Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mayo Inn - Singapore

This time going to Singapore, it took longer than usual to figure out where to stay. Last year's stay at Fernloft didn't turn out well so we needed to find another place better (location wise as well as quality). Looking up and down Agoda and also Tripadvisor, I finally found a place called Mayo Inn. It's located pretty close to Bugis and it's between Bugis MRT and Little India MRT. Unfortunately the reservation can only be made straight with the hotel. I said unfortunately because it took a few emails later before we finally got a confirmation. That was also made complicated due to our request of having a window room. They did fulfil the request though with a note that the window couldn't be opened.

One thing worth noted since Mayo Inn is a small hotel (only around 16 rooms) so when we requested a reservation, it couldn't really be guaranteed unless we paid for it. For us that's not quite a problem since we really needed a room anyway.

Okay let's talk about the hotel/room itself. When we first got there, it took us a while to figure out the route to the hotel. But later on we found out the best route so we stuck to that. It only takes about less than ten minutes walk to Bugis MRT. The road next to the hotel is always bustling with traffic but as soon as we walked in the lobby area it's totally different. There was like a small water fountain that brings calm and the AC was cold as it can be compared to the almost 90F outside. Check-in was a breeze. within minutes we took the interesting elevator up to third floor. I said interesting because unlike ordinary elevator that has two layers of doors, this one only has one layer. So walk in the elevator and stay to the back of it because the elevator has a censor that will tell it to stop working if somebody stay to close towards the front. It's pretty scary looking at each floor the elevator went through and looking at the wall outside. But for the one night stay we only used the elevator twice. I would rather climb the staircase. Just think of it as exercise. :)

The room was small. The bathroom on the right hand side when we walked in. Then a tiny vanity with mirrow between the bathroom and the bed area. There was a huge window but partially was covered with stained glass. The other part that was clear glass was blocked by those older style window that has unmovable blinds. So the hotel rep was right we couldn't opened the window. And even with the all covered glass window, we could still hear the traffic downstairs. Not to mention that at the time there was this big construction happening just about twenty yards away. But I tried to tell myself and hubby that by night time the construction was going to stop and it's going to be less noisy. Nope. Apparently in Singapore, construction work didn't stop at night. But we were so tired from walking around whole day, even hubby who was usually a light sleeper passed out as soon as he touched the bed.

The bathroom was small and cute. It's shower on one side, sink in the middle and toilet bowl on the other end. Of all the place with standing shower, this is the one I didn't feel gross using it without my flipflop. The door to the bathroom was a big piece of thick tempered glass with rubber sealed around the edge of the door. So even though the bathroom was tiny but when we showered the water didn't leak out at all.

All in all we were quite happy with the room. Though there was no phone at all in the room. When hubby got a phone call from his friend, the front office girl walked all the way up to our room to give us the message. Due to the noise coming from the street, I am not sure if we'll be using this hotel again next time. Maybe we could ask for a room that doesn't face the street but then it most likely would be windowless.

Mayo Inn
9 Jalan Besar, Singapore  Ph 6295 6631