Monday, October 24, 2011

Minh's Restaurant - Sunnyvale

This location was occupied by Pho Binh before. A couple of months ago we went there and the place was closed down with a note that it's going to be taken over by Minh's Restaurant. We haven't been back ever since until today we decided to give it a try.

When we walked in we noticed the place was totally different. Outside may still has the same old look but inside has tiled floor now instead of old carpet. They used dark color tables to give it an expensive look. It helps especially with the combination of white table cloth. There was a big vase of fresh flower arrangements just by the entrance giving it an extra elegance feel to the whole restaurant.

The menu was simple and mostly consisted of noodle and rice. It's different from the other Minh's Restaurant in Milpitas. Hubby picked the grilled pork with rice noodle (Northern style) and I chose the combo rice noodle soup. We both shared an order of fresh spring roll.

For a place that wasn't too busy at the time, our orders took quite a while to come out. The spring roll when it finally came out was pretty good. Though the skin was a bit thick but it was nicely wrapped with enough combination of rice noodle, bean sprout, shrimp etc. The sauce was thick enough too and not runny like some other place.

Hubby's grilled pork with rice noodle was the star of the day. The meat was well marinated and the sauce it came with (a combination of fish sauce and sugar) went well with the rice noodle and fresh herb provided. I suddenly remembered that I had similar item before at a restaurant at San Jose Century Mall. Too bad that restaurant was closed down now.

My combination pho was packed with more meat than I expected which I gladly shared with hubby. Too bad it came with a smaller bowl and the broth wasn't hot enough to heat up the basil and bean sprout. Side by side with the grill meat, the pho broth tasted a bit boring. But I think there was no MSG used that's why the broth wasn't very strong flavored. I still enjoyed it though.

It's a bit harder to decide whether we'll be back since beef pho over there still couldn't beat our fave Pho Hanoi in San Jose. So that leaves us only with a few other items that we could try from their simple menu.

Minh's Restaurant
1274 Persian Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
(408) 734-2200