Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pacific Catch - Campbell

Our office has tradition of going out for holiday dinner each year. I have been the one to make arrangement and also reservations. And most of the time I also get to choose the place since democracy in my office sometimes also means democrazy. Nothing will get done when everybody has their own opinions. :) So I volunteered myself as the dictator and made the decision for them. This year I chose a new restaurant that was just opened a couple of months ago. The idea came from my coworker, the same one that told me about Patxi's.

But Pacific Catch isn't really new in business. They have a few other locations in the Bay Area. I made the reservation through Open Table and got 7:45 pm. But a few days before the H day I called to see if I could change it to 7 and they gladly changed it for me. That was awesome. I was surprised though since I thought they'd be very busy.

When we got there the restaurant was busy but there was no line of people waiting. We waited just a little bit for them to get our table ready. The special that day was cod. But me and my other coworker were already set on the crab feast which was also the special through January 8.

For appetizers we shared Cabo Calamari, Pacific Catch Trio and Thai Coconut Shrimp. Later on we added Inside Out which is the sushi rolls with California roll inside and spicy tuna outside. The calamari and coconut shrimp were good but not impressive. The highlight was the Pacific Catch Trio which consisted of Baja shrimp ceviche, Hawaiian poke and Peruvican ceviche. All three were fresh and very tasty even for some of us who don't usually enjoy eating uncooked fish.

I ordered their whole crab which was on special right now as part of their crab feast. It was whole dungeness crab pan fried and served with garlic noodle. The crab was lightly seasoned so I could taste the sweetness of the crab meat but still has a bit flavor of garlic. It was sooo awesome. I was also provided with some garlic melted butter but I am not fans of melted butter so I totally skipped that.

Their crab chowder was also good. Served on a bowl with scattered crab meat on top. It's rich and bursting with flavor. If digging in the crab isn't your thing, at least give this crab chowder a try.

The other dish that also caught my attention was the swordfish with grilled zucchini and corn on the cob with some green sauce on the side. It was served with sweet potato fries. I so wanted to go back and check this dish out myself.

The rest of the table ordered the island tacos with different combinations. Choose fom crispy True Cod, spice rubbed mahi-mahi, spice rubbed chicken, crispy shrimp or marinated grilled steak. That's also on my list to try for my next visit. ha..ha..

Since we went there as a group, we had chances to try out different desserts. We got the mochi fondue, fried dulce de leche 'spring rolls' and macadamia nut brownie. The mochie fondue was a platter of three mochi with some hot chocolate dipping on the side. The 'spring rolls' as it's called did look like a spring roll served with ice cream. And the macadamia nut brownie was rich. I am not big fans of anything sweet so I gave them a try but I didn't really enjoy any of those. But the rest of the group agreed that the desserts were good.

Pacific Catch
1875 S Bascom Ave, Ste 550 Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 879-9091