Monday, January 16, 2012

Baking Kuih Sapit

Depends on where you come from, this snack has different aliases. In Indonesia, we call them kue semprong, the Malaysian call them by kuih kapit and the Bruneian call them kuih sapit. The English translation for all those is love letter.

Hubby loves them as part of Chinese New Year tradition so I try to find them here. But none of them tasted like back home. A couple of years back I got a krumkake maker to try to imitate but they came out not thin enough so they became soggy pretty quick. Last year I came across a friend who has kuih sapit mold so I borrowed them last week to try making our own kuih.

Find the recipe here.
kuih sapit molds

Tips for using the mold :
-Preheat the mold on medium heat on your stove top. Try one tiny spoon on the mold. You want it to be hot enough that it sizzles when the batter touches the mold. But not too hot until it burns as soon as it gets on the mold.
-Put your mold over the batter bowl and laddle the batter onto the mold and let the excess drip back into the bowl.
-It's best to recruit an assistant. One person will watch the molds and the other could help roll the dough once it's out of the mold or scraping excess dough of the mold.
preheating the mold

Finally we could enjoy them..
As always, practices makes perfect. I burnt quite a few and undercooked a bunch before figuring out what works best with those molds. So, never give up and have fun !