Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Revisited : Thai Grata - San Jose

Another crave for Thai noodle brought us back to Thai Grata. This time we tried their rad na and spicy crab noodle. Rad na is basically stir fried wide rice noodle with gravy. Spicy crab noodle was something new that we tried that day. It used the same rice noodle used for pad thai. The idea was similar to pad thai with bean sprout and wedge of lime served on the side to be mixed the noodle when ready to be served.

We called in our order and picked them up 15 minutes later. The gravy for the rad na was packed separately. But that day was such a hot day that the broccoli seemed to be overcooked hence looked yellowish. Hubby didn't seem to care that much. And it also helped that they actually packed us two separate small tub consisted of chilli paste and pickled serrano chillies. The pickled serrano chillies went awesomely well with the rad na.

On the other hand my spicy crab noodle was well seasoned. Spicy enough even for me. And the portion was humongous. I wonder if they just hired a new chef. :)

Thai Grata 
846 Blossom Hill Road San Jose, CA 95123 (408) 224-8600