Thursday, October 4, 2012

Singapore Airlines Meals (SFO - HK)

Having chosen a kosher meal last time attracted a lot of curious look from the flight attendants. This time flying with Singapore Airlines I decided not to choose any special meal and to accept whatever is offered. One suggestion though if you need to specify your special meal and the is a bit buggy (as it happened to me) just go ahead and call their customer service number. The agent there was very helpful.
sliced pork with fried rice

The supper meals offered for our flight this time was potato with braised chicken and sliced pork with fried rice. The appetizer was smoked salmon with green beans and the dessert was brownie. Both the chicken and pork were decent for airlines food. Though the chicken was a bit challenging to 'navigate' since it was a whole big piece. I couldn't say much about the appetizer nor dessert. Just didn't have appetite for them.
braised chicken with potato
The second meal which was served as breakfast prior to landing in Hong Kong was omelette with potato or Chinese style stir fried noodle. We were ready to each pick one to see which one was better. But than we were told that they ran out of noodle. What ??! But they still had Indian meals available. I jumped at that option since I was always curious to try.

Breakfast omellete

Compare to the supper, the breakfast option was actually better. Or was it because we were hungry ? The omelette was creamy and moist. I could not wait to try the Indian meal. It had pancakes, chunk of rice cakes and  some sort of chutney. The pancakes were savory with hint of spices and so were the 'rice cakes'. I ate them together with the chutney. Later on I found out the Indian names for them. Masala uttapam, kanjeevaram idli, sambhar and coconut chutney. And the rice cakes were actually steam rice and lentil cakes. Not bad at all.
Indian breakfast meal