Sunday, November 18, 2012

Never Again Dealing with Hong Kong Airlines

For our trip to Asia this time we needed airfare from Hong Kong to Hanoi and looking at the options available we chose Hong Kong Airlines. Boy was that a big mistake. From the beginning nothing seemed to work right with them. From the online reservation to the reservation itself.

Only after we made the reservation I started looking into them and found out lots of complaints. The most was about them changing their flights. By then we paid for the reservation already and could only kept our fingers crossed. But luck wasn't on our side. By end of August we received email notification of changing reservation dates for our itinerary. Apparently they cancelled our flight on October 1 and changed it to October 2. That was like a nightmare came true.

Our itinerary was pretty tight since the whole Asia trip was only for two weeks but included three countries. We couldn't afford to push our itinerary back one day. Beside what would stop them from changing yet another date once this one went through.

Hubby called and spoke to the representative about cancelling our reservation and refund process. We were told we could get our full refund if the airlines changed our itinerary. BUT we won't get our refund until six weeks later. Meanwhile if we're cancelling this airfare meant we needed to find a different way to get to Hanoi. And all these was just less than a month before our departure. Oh..stress

We contemplated for a day and two and decided to cancel the reservation. We made sure all the paperwork were done properly and as thorough as possible to ensure we receive our full refund. Meanwhile we also needed to change our Singapore Airlines itinerary to accommodate different ways to Hanoi. That costed almost another USD100.

Finally one morning about a week after we came back from our trip I saw a credit to our credit card account. I almost jumped up in joy. It did take about six weeks for the whole refund process. It was a lesson learnt not to deal with Hong Kong Airlines again if I have other options.