Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jovie Coffee & Pho- Campbell

I just happened to browse Yelp today and found out this place in Campbell. But as we were driving there I realized that we've been to that area before when we went to Le Quy. It's sharing the same shopping mall at the corner of San Tomas Aquino and Campbell Ave.
grilled pork with vermicelli

We got there at an awkward time. It was not exactly dinner time yet but we were hungry since we didn't have proper lunch. The restaurant was empty except for a table towards the back that seemed to be occupied by a few people. I was going to just go get myself a table when one those people on the table stood up to greet us.

The guy which I suspected was the owner let us choose our table and brought us the menu. We were ready to order when he came back with our ice water. I got vermicelli with grilled pork and hubby got the seafood pho. I was going to order the spring roll when I noticed the price was $6.75- way higher than what we usually pay for the same thing.

My order came out surprisingly fast. I know at other place it took at least a good ten minutes to grill the pork. But I guess my grilled pork was precooked and was just heated on the microwave before topping it on the vermicelli. Don't get me wrong, it was still good though missing the trade mark barbecue meat smell. It was a huge plate with all the shredded veggie on the bottom with the vermicelli in the middle and meat with crushed peanuts on top. On the side was the sweet and tangy sauce for drizzling on the vermicelli.
seafood pho (fish fillet, big prawn, chicken breast meat)

Hubby's seafood pho was served on a big bowl with another bowl of bean sprout on the side. I think this was the first restaurant that served the bean sprout on a bowl. Once hubby mixed in all the bean sprout he complaint that the soup wasn't hot enough to warm up the bean sprout. :(

The place had a nice ambiance with a cafe feel to it. It's a nice place to hang out but not so much for the pho I guess.

Jovie Coffee & Pho
136 N San Tomas Aquino Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 871-7805