Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Revisited : Pho Quan Ngon - San Francisco

We've been to this noodle place a couple of years back. For original posting, check it out here.

This time I noticed they also served chicken pho. Ever since we came back from our Hanoi trip I have been looking around for a good place for chicken pho. So far I haven't had any luck yet. Most the chicken pho that I tried had dry chicken meat. Not good eats.

I thought I gave the chicken pho a try since this place specialize in Hanoi style pho. The pho came with fresh noodle that was slightly wider than regular pho noodle. The chicken meat was white meat and juicy. I should say this was the closest taste to the chicken pho we had in Hanoi. So for those of you out there who were looking for chicken pho Hanoi style, go and check this place out.

I was too busy to take picture of my bowl of pho. :) So no pictures this time.

Pho Quan Ngon
2511 Noriega Street San Francisco, CA 94116(415) 566-3275