Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Com Tam Saigon - San Jose

crispy chicken with noodle soup
This location used to be Tii Cafe. One day we went to the restaurant next door and saw that this place has changed name. We took a mental note that we will come back and gave it a try.

Finally we had a chance to go back and checked it out. The place offered some outdoor seatings which was perfect this time of year. It was late in the afternoon when we were there and we saw some tables weren't cleaned yet. The guy sat us and brought us our menu.

I ordered Mi Ga Quay (egg noodle soup with crispy roasted chicken). I actually asked if they could have the soup on the side since I wanted my noodle dry. Hubby ordered rice noodle with roasted chicken. I don't remember the Vietnamese name for it. Bun thit nuong maybe?

It took about fifteen minutes for us to get our order which was fine since those meat needed to be barbecued first. My order looked delicious - golden brown deep fried chicken with some green onion scattered on top. Came on the side was a little bowl of a mixture of fish sauce and chopped green onion with chillies. Along with my chicken was a bowl of noodle soup with green onion.
grilled chicken on rice noodle
noodle soup that came with the crispy chicken

Hubby's order looked wonderful as well. Three big skewers of chicken grilled to a perfect golden brown color. This type of dish was supposed to be eaten with some greens and rice noodle with drizzle of sweet tangy sauce.

We will definitely be back for more.

Com Tam Saigon
3005 Silver Creek Rd Ste 136
San Jose, CA 95121