Monday, September 16, 2013

In Search Of Northern Style Pho

Beef noodle soup from Pho Hanoi
Years ago we didn't know there was  such thing as Northern style pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) until we found out about Pho Hanoi in San Jose. The northern style pho uses fresh wider rice noodle and served with no bean sprout.  After we tried beef pho at Pho Hanoi it's really hard to like beef pho at other pho joints. So when we found out that Pho Hanoi closed their door down about a month ago we were broken hearted.

Last weekend I googled northern style pho and found out Pho Y #1. We have been to this establishment years ago. They only serve beef noodle soup so we never step our feet back there. But I was curious about their beef noodle soup. Can we really found a replacement for Pho Hanoi ?

When we got there the place was busy. It took us a few minutes before we got our table. The place was bigger than it looked from outside and bigger from what I remembered it last time. Anyhow. I ordered noodle soup with rare steak and well done flank. I asked the guy whether I could have it with the wide noodle. He took my order down. I was excited about it. Hubby ordered a chicken pho. He was curious whether they serve decent chicken pho.

After quite a wait finally our orders arrrive. My soup broth was on the clearer side and not much of smell of star anise. I took a sip of the broth. It's okay but certainly not close to the Pho Hanoi's broth that was a bit darker with hint of ginger and smell of star anise.The wide noodle tasted soft and not sticky to each other. It was quite decent bowl of beef pho but not exactly what I was looking for.

The chicken pho was okay. The white meat was not completely dry but it wasn't exactly moist either.

The search continues.

Pho Y #1
1660 E Capitol Expy
San Jose, CA 95121
(408) 274-1769