Sunday, May 17, 2015

Revisit : Tlaloc - San Francisco

This time in San Francisco, a co-worker asked to have lunch at this restaurant. I have been there before. This time I wanted something light and hopefully vegetarian. Though trying to be vegetarian I haven't got used to it yet. Normally my lunch would have more rice with some home made vegetarian dish on the side. But since I was far from my own office I didn't have the freedom to have other snack to help me through out the day later. That's why I settled with ensalada con camarones (prawn salad). It sounded yummy.

The salad was a bed of torn romaine lettuce leaves with a very light dressing. Then a spoonful of salsa (?) and topped off with plump juicy grilled prawns. The dressing was light and had a hint of lemon. The prawns were big enough to have a nice texture to chew on but not chewy. All in all the prawns were great companion to the lettuce. It was not too light and not too heavy. And I completely finished the chips that came with it. Yum..yum. Highly recommended.

525 Commercial St
San Francisco, CA 94111