Sunday, August 16, 2015

House of Thai - San Francisco

Pad thai
After so long haven’t been able to visit this place again, we finally were in the city attending SF Marathon. Afterwards, we were looking for a lunch place and decided to come here again. It’s been a while and the name seemed to have change from Thai House Express to Thai House. Location wise still the same but maybe change of ownership ?

I order tom yum noodle soup and hubby ordered pad see ew and radna. Our guest ordered pad thai. There was a sign that said if you checked in prior to ordering, you’ll get a free thai ice tea. So hubby and our guest checked in and showed our waitress the proof to get their ice tea. The ice tea was good. Maybe because it was free ?? ha..ha..

tom yum noodle soup
It was a nice day out. Sunny and warm. So we were doing our people watching while waiting for our food. Finally we got our food and after done taking pictures of our order we started to dig in. I noticed my noodle soup wasn’t spicy enough so I asked for chili paste and the waitress brought us the typical asian restaurant tray with 4 different glass container with chili powder, chili paste, pickle jalapeno and chili paste with oil. I put in a combination of chili powder and chili paste to make it spicier hoping that it will overcome the sweetness of the broth.
pad see ew - similar to pad thai but wider noodle and darker sauce

Hubby’s comment was the radna wasn’t as good as it used to be. I tried it and it tasted fine with a big hint of smoky flavor. Our guest didn’t make any comment. Either he was too hungry or it was just passable.
rad na - stir fry noodle with a bit gravy

thai ice tea - so perfect for summer

Later on I read my previous posting regarding this restaurant and I realized that the tom yum noodle soup wasn’t as spicy as it used to be. The price actually had gone up as well. Maybe they changed chef or something. It’s too bad because we loved the old Thai House Express. Hubby suggested we tried out the other location next time. Hopefully that one hasn’t changed.

House of Thai
901 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109  
(415) 441-2248