Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bandung Trip 2015 : Around Bandung

The back ground was the Tangkuban Perahu crater - nothing impressive
Woke up fresh the next morning due to the comfort bed at Mercure Hotel but still influenced by jet lag. Me and hubby got ready and walked down with my parents to the breakfast area. We walked around the pool to enjoy the green scenery and inhaled in the fresh morning air. At the same time we took a chance to check out the fitness center which was towards the side of the hotel next to a children's playing area.

After breakfast we got in our car and headed towards Tangkuban Perahu crater. Drive there was not bad. It was only around 9 when we left hotel so not much traffic yet. We reached the bottom of the mountain where the ticket office was in like 25 minutes. By then I remembered that I forgot to tell my dad that there was a price difference for locals and foreigners. And my cell phone didn't have any bars. Oh crap. A man approached our car and started asking where I am from. I told him Jakarta. He then asked about my mom sitting at the back seat. And proceed to ask about my hubby. I told him we're all from Jakarta. He didn't believe me and started asking my mom. No problem for my mom. But issue came when he asked hubby. His bahasa Indonesia wasn't exactly smooth. So we were slapped with a ticket for foreigner and two tickets for local. Worst for my dad's car. He got my cousin, his wife, my aunt and uncle and they all didn't speak bahasa Indonesia fluently. That was one expensive trip to see a crater ! The ticket for local was IDR 20000 (approx USD 1.48) while the fare for foreigner was IDR 200000 - ten times at approx USD 14.8.

We spent about one hour at the crater taking pictures. I don't think it's worth the price that a foreigner should pay. Last year hubby paid foreigner price for entrance ticket to Prambanan temple. I sort of understand that because it's hundred centuries old temple. But Tangkuban Perahu is just a crater !!
Sitting in the saung waiting for lunch to arrive

From there, we continued to Kampung Daun which was a restaurant but the way it was situated and designed to include artificial water fall and independent saung (Sundanese term for hut made of bamboo with roof covered with coconut derived material). It was an experience that I tried to introduce to our guests from different countries.

So, if you haven't tried the experience of eating in a saung, please check out Kampung Daun. It's not far from Bandung. And it's worth the experience. More than Tangkuban Perahu crater.

What do you think ? Have you visited either one of these places ? Please leave comment below.