Saturday, August 12, 2017

Airbnb Apartment at Center of Shinjuku

That's exactly what our Airbnb apartment was. The first day or two we thought it was located in the quiet neighborhood of Shinjuku. Only on the last night we found out it was just around the corner from Kabukicho area which was like an entertainment district with the Robot Restaurant, hostess clubs, night clubs and a lot of restaurants as well.

Anyway, the apartment itself was bigger than the apartment in Osaka. This one had a feel of hotel room but with a tiny kitchen area. It has a tiny balcony with towel hanger, perfect to hang dry towel or some laundry.

This room was big enough for a third person and for that there was some sort of futon provided. The futon could be rolled up for sitting on or lay down for sleeping. There was enough space to put our medium size suitcase. Better than the other apartment.

The apartment was like less than 10 minutes walk from Higashi Shinjuku station. There were a Matsuya - a local fast food chain that is popular with its gyudon (shredded beef cooked in dashi, soy sauce and mirin) close by. And also another chain restaurant Yayoi-ken which is popular with its bento menu. We tried both places for their traditional Japanese breakfast.

Around the other corner of the station was like a Korea town part of Tokyo with a small street full of Korean restaurants. Also a Donki (Donquijote Shinjuku).

This is the link to the apartment on Airbnb if it sounded like something you like. I am not affiliated with Airbnb nor get any commission from them.