Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chinese New Year Preparation : kuih sapit

One of the Chinese New Year snacks that hubby likes to have is shrimp crackers (kerupuk udang) with nyonya acar (nyonya style pickled veggies). Another is coconut roll also known as kuih sapit (in Brunei) or kuih kapit or kuih Belanda. (according to our Singaporean friend). These coconut rolls are made of mixture of coconut milk, sugar, egg and rice flour. Then this liquid like mixture poured onto hot metal mold and baked on open fire. Sounds like a lot of work ?? Yes, it's a lot of work. I used to hear my mom told me the story of her sister making it. But when I really tried to make it myself then I understood that it's not just lots of work. It's also pain and suffering. Because the sheets that were baked had to be rolled while it's hot!

Anyhow if you have kuih sapit molds on hand and wanted to try making it yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you. I got a recipe here that was tested and turned out good. I have another posting here on the kuih sapit baking tips.

But this year I am excited especially hubby because he found coconut roll that tasted very close to the Malaysian kuih sapit. And he has stocked up like 5 bags just for himself ! I am glad too. Because when I made them myself, I could only made 1 recipe (yield about 40 rolls). Hubby didn't dare to ask for more because he helped me and he knew how time consuming it was.

Ready ? If you are a Costco member and like kuih sapit. Try to see if you can find this at a Costco near you.